Khan Kluay II

Title: Khan Kluay II
Director: Thaweelap Sriwuthiwong
Starring: Attaporn Teemakorn, Ann Thongprasom, Montri Janeaksorn
Official website:
Release Date in Thailand: 26 March 2009

Khan Kluay II is set after the victory of Ayutthaya against the invasion of the powerful Burmese Empire when Khan Kluay is appointed as King Naresuan’s royal elephant and services the king in many battles. But it isn’t the end of the war yet when the Burmese Empire determinedly declares more battle. Before Ayutthaya’s troop could set the journey to the battlefield, some Burmese soldiers creeping up to Ayutthaya to capture people as their captives, they even kidnap Khan Kluay’s wife and children, ChabaKaew, Ton-or and Korkaew. To save his family from danger, Khan Kluay escapes from Ayutthaya to encounter his new adventure and single battle in the land of enemy. This is the biggest mission for Khan Kluay to challenge.

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  1. Did you guys release DVD of Khan Kluay II in USA yet? Is there anywhere that I can buy khan Kluay costume?
    Please let me know.


  2. I really want to buy the license of this movie. How can I get the contact person of the license of this movie!?
    I’m very interesting to buy the license for the station TV here.

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