Title: เมมโมรี่​ ​รักหลอน​(Memory)
Release date in Thailand: 15th May 2008
Official website:

Psychiatrist Krit (Anada Everingham) is in over his head as he takes care of a troubled little girl while at the same time he finds himself dangerously in love with the girl’s overprotective mother, Ing-orn (Mai Charoenpura).

Directed by Torpong Tunkamhang
Starring Ananda Everingham (Krid) and Mai Charoenpura (Ingorn)


2 thoughts on “Memory”

  1. This starts off by looking like a “I can see dead people” movie. The child star is bothered by illusions of seeing ghosts. Her condition is hampered by the overprotecting mother. At first I was a little annoyed by the relationship of the two adults as it seemed to detract from the main story. But with some twists and turns and a horrific outcome, it soon becomes all clear.

    Although some interesting plot points along the way, the plodding pace left me looking at my watch at times. Only worth watching on a rainy day (which in fact it was).

  2. the movie is not so scary at all.

    the only thing kept me watching the lady Mai Charoenpura,she is very attractive,beautifu,sexy,she is my wet dream,wish one day I can have sex with the woman like her.

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