Hello Stranger (Kuan Meun Ho)

Inspired by Korean culture and entertainment that fluxed around Asia, the film tells a love story of a guy and a girl who destined to meet in Seoul during their private trip to Korea.

Title: Hello Stranger (Kuan Meun Ho) กวน มึน โฮ
Banjong Pisanthanakun
Chantawich Tanasewi, Nuengtida Sopon
Release Date in Thailand: 19 August 2010

Movie Trailer:

73 thoughts on “Hello Stranger (Kuan Meun Ho)”

  1. Hey I am from Indonesia and had watched this movie, and it’s really great and addicting me up! I really love the story and the jokes besides Chantavich Danasevi is really handsome 🙂

  2. hello stranger is a good movie, nice girl and boy. and i want to ask how about the ending?
    are they be a couple? or they just be a stranger person each other

    sorry if my english not good…thx

  3. I’m from Thailand.

    As you see. This movie really great. But I think you should watch it in theatre. DL is forbidden.

    This may be spoiled. if you want to know. that are they a couple or not. It can be in two way ending. Upon your imagination. That’s the proposal of the director.

  4. This is like one of the best comedy romantic movie ever!
    I laughed A LOT!
    despite its cliche, I think the movie is so fresh and funny and worth watching!
    In 2 hours, the time flies. I really enjoy watching this movie
    And Oh, I would like to have a boyfriend as fun as him.. so lovable 😀

  5. hai,, i’m from Indonesia.. i think the movie is great..
    nice jokes and story ..
    you won’t regret watching this movies..
    btw Nuengtida Sopon is so beautiful

  6. hi.. i’m from Indonesia.

    awh maann… i just watched this movie on Blitz this afternoon! I think it’s absolutely fantastic comedy romance movie, but i do hate the ending! hehe.. The Thai movie with the Korean style dramas, makes u up and down just like that! haha..

    agree with bram, Neungtida Sopon is really cute. Suddenly i fell in love with her, i think she’s loveable person in real world.

    agree too with Deann, bout comment of this movie.

  7. what unexpected great movie..so romantic, so touchy, so inspiring great great. Four my thumbs UP including my foot’toes.Nuengtida Sopon is very cute..is she has a fan blog or social networks?

  8. This movie is DAMN GREAT!
    Really Fabulous and sophisticated for me
    Even after one month, it still playing at blitz in indonesia
    I hope I hv a love story like this film
    Two thumbs UP!!

  9. I watched it in Thailand in Aug’ 10 and had a blast! Didint even realised it was a box office hit! The male and female lead certainly enjoyed themselves in Korea and it showed! Good rom-com and certainly up there with Notting Hill & When Harry met Sally! Two thumbs up! Watched it again when it opened in Singapore last nite and the theatres were all filled! Damn funny!


  11. to MARS: damn, seriously i dunno only GV is showing this movie. thought the other cinemas are showing this as well. guess only GV got the exclusive rights.

    anyway, agreed with all! great freaking movie! great acting and cast and nice faiytale storyline! loved every moment of it and it was so freaking funny too. does made u emo at some scenes. haha.

    but most important of all, the main actress is so freaking cute!!!! love her so much!!!! haha…….

  12. I wanna watch this movie. The trailer is so cute. It’s not yet showing here in the Philippines. Where can I watch this movie?

  13. you can find the soundtrack quite easy in internet.. 3 main soundtrack is performed by artist named Klear, band called 25 hours, and by noona /neungtida sophon (the main act–> besides cute she also has nice voice… ^^)

    for the film, i’m still looking for the sub whether it’s english or indonesia…anyone can help?

  14. hi, I am from Indonesia,,
    I think this movie is very entertaining,
    falls in love with a stranger who did not even know his name,
    I think it’s something crazy, but it may be happening out there ..

    o ya, for friends in Indonesia who was having trouble finding this film,
    now it has many outstanding dvd,,
    this includes good news right?

  15. wow!I finished watching this movie!!it’s really great!!i super love it..i find the ending very interesting!!!i will never forget this movie!the ending makes me shock!!..it should be shown in the Philippines..haha. 🙂

  16. haha this movie make me laughing all the time, the best drama comedy i’ve ever since (I mean I’ve ever seen)
    congrats to thailand who can make the great movie like this one.

  17. i love this movie . this is so great, bravo to the director of this 🙂 you are so good, i hope to know some other thai movies . some recommendation?

  18. I’ve watched its free screening in GSC MidValley yesterday. It was a good movie. Very cute and very entertaining.

  19. watch this movies on 4 May 2011. i can say this movie totally awesome..i wanna watchin’ it again…the story is vry interesting, funny n romantic..unfortunely this movies only available at malaysia’s cinema on May 2011..

  20. hello I’m thais

    I Agree with every comment
    hello stranger is very nice noona and ter so lovely
    and I love Suck seed ห่วยขั้นเทพ too
    it so funnyyyyyy..suck seed about mans have dreams and love but they verycsuck

    I want to present to you
    and I hope this movie make you happy too
    sorry my english is not good

  21. from philippines here…. i just watched the movie and that was great. the story was so funny though the ending was such a mindblogging thing to think about. this is my favorite thai movie so far…….. keep doing good movies,…

  22. im a Malaysia(sabahan) I juz randomly buy this DVD.. Oh My Gosh…. i really fallen for this movie..Thai love stories.
    yo Guys…i rarely watch this genre since i broke up with my Ex-gf….
    can u believe it?

    wat?! alternate ending scene that was cut off by directors?!…OMG…got to search 4it

  23. Wow This Movie is amazing yeah…it is really a beautiful story..thanks to the LOVE OF SIAM i started to watch thai movies…they are reall cool!

  24. i really love this movie so much fun, and romantic,
    i like noona nuengthida she was a great actress from thailand.
    after i watch this movie i am fan of noona right now…
    (so be a good and great actress!!! hopes you will make many movies there on your country…i will b glad and happy o watch soon ..i’ll be waithing,,,,luV yah…!!))

  25. I really love this movie. It was so great, indeed, I cannot fall asleep after watching this movie, thinking what would be the real ‘ending’. Their love story was perfect, inevitable and genuine – just the way I wanted to. I hope someday I would meet my true love the same manner they do. But I guess, “Romance only happens in movies”..

  26. hi!. hello stranger. is the best!!. it is, funny and too drama. but cool.
    i like it. the story connect to the actor’s. it made me cry and laugh.


  27. Hello ! I am Thai and glad to know that all of you love this movie. I am anti-korean trend and thought I will never watch this movie. Fortunately my teenage daughter bought the DVD and I could not help watching with her. You can guest, I fell in love with every second of this movie. If you like this movie you should watch “Bangkok traffic love story” but to me “Hello stranger” is better.

  28. i really love this movie… before i was fond of korean movies but now i think thai movies are very interesting with such refreshing plot…. i love thai movies

  29. — * Yeah ! Super Lucky !! In ABS-CBN .. this movie was transLated in FILIPINO and we reaLLy enjoyed this movie a LOT !! Thai Movies are relly awesome ! I Love thaiLander directors ! They were one of the best in terms of film making ! Crazy little Thing Called Love is also great ! :)) Thumbs up !! :))

    S.W.A.G. — Something We Asians Got !

  30. im from the philippines…
    i recently watched this movie… thumbs up for this movie…
    i hope they will make a part 2 of it… LoL.. xDDD

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