A so-called Thai lesbian movie, Yes or No tells the story of Pai, a college girl who holds a negative attitude about tomboys. Yet she finds out that her new room-mate, Kim, is a woman who dresses like a man and who likes women. The initial mistrust slowly changes into something else as Kim begins to pursue Pai.

Title: Pu Chai Lulla (Yak Rak Goh Rak Loie) Yes or No อยากรักก็รักเลย
Director: Sarasawadee Wongsompetch
Cast: Arisara Tongborisuth, Soranut Yupanun, Sucharat Manaying, Supanart Jittaleela
Rating: 15+ (Romantic Comedy)
Release Date in Thailand: 16th December 2010
Movie Trailer:

146 Responses to “Yes or No (Yes or No, Yak Rak Kor Rak Loei)”

  1. Clamp says:

    i want to have this film in Vietnam but it’s not shown at the cinema? How can i have it?

  2. Noel says:

    from malaysia, how to watch? tenkiu

  3. HR says:

    i wan to have/buy dis movie oso….
    but dunno how to get it…
    can someone tell me pls…thnx…

  4. Tang says:

    would it be shown in singapore? =3

  5. Marion B says:

    can it be purchased in Australia?
    will it be screened in Australia?

    who is the author/writer of the book?

    would appreciate your reply
    Thank you
    Marion B

  6. kireb says:

    Watched this film today and its actually very good! Well made

  7. win says:

    idk where is dis movie???
    i wanna see it??
    i love dis movie so much
    i can’ty find it!!!!

  8. Kosame Yui says:

    really good trailer and the story I wanna see it!!
    when will it come out as subbed in english? I hardly can not wait.. <3

  9. Lee Wong says:

    plz. i wanna watch the movie so bad >.<

  10. joan says:

    thank you!

  11. Nun says:

    The movie will come out on Feb or March for DVD, so people who are not in Thailand can buy it at ethaicd.com

  12. tara says:

    I’m in Indonesia , I really want to watch this movie..
    u know , I’m very very like Thailand.. I’m so into the tomboy-girl.. she has a good looking face , i admiring her.. LoL~
    will this movie come out here??

  13. T.T says:

    Hey. I want to see a movie. Very excited :( But i cant find. I live in VietNam. I even find all website but no information :(( so sad. When is the movie on ? What’s year ? Can i buy the DVD ? And where ? I hope to receive your reply early. Thanks you <3

  14. Paaraew says:

    I think we have to wait about 1-2 months. It will have the DVD of this movie.
    I’m Thai but now I’m in USA and I wanna watch this movie either.

  15. T.T says:

    Omg x_x hey. why u don’t comeback your homeland to see it :)) 1-2 months. i’t a long time. i wanna see it. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  16. bbl says:

    I like Pai so much

  17. Ti says:

    I really want to see this.

  18. w-t-93 says:

    I luv this movie!! do u know guys when the dvd will released??
    I want to order it since I’m in Italy(Rome)..

  19. Shino says:

    any more movies that has this genre (L)?

  20. Tats says:

    This will never be available where I’m from :( Is there anywhere I can get it?

  21. thaifan says:

    Wow! Can’t wait!!! I wanna watch this badly! :( I’m from the Philippines and I’m such a thai movie fan. I’ve already watched:
    -First Love (Crazy Little Thing Called Love)
    -Hello Stranger

    So far, all of these movies are GREAT! Since I’m also an Asian, I can sooo relate. :)

  22. eam says:

    I’m from the Philippines too and i really really want to watch this movie too!! I have a Thai girlfriend and she said this movie made her cry. Sadly i don’t understand Thai,so please share a site that have an English sub of this movie, Really appreciate it :)

  23. wina says:

    i like this movie.. i want watching full this movie but i’m not understand thai language

  24. jane says:

    Hi i want to watch this movie. Can someone please help me find this movie. :c Im having a hard time looking for it..:C Pleasseeee i really want to watch soo bad!:c

  25. Pihour says:

    I really want to watch this movie, is it available in DVD?

  26. lisha says:

    can you tell me what time have yes or no dvd

  27. matty says:

    english sub pls!!!

  28. alps says:

    I’m Thai…I’m looking for it many many shop in Thailand..But I never seen..

    Please, tell me …Where and When I can buy it??????

  29. Kaishin says:

    im in philippines .. when it issued in the Philippines i want to see this very badly .. when i know about this im become crazy of this movie .. i really appriciate this movie when i saw the trailer …also the movie is so funny .. and love ..hopefully would see this kind of movie ..im so excited to see this soon .. please reply when this movie release in the philippines …

  30. nama says:

    can you email me where i can what it please^^

  31. CM says:

    Pls. Tell me, who know that when YES or NO will release in DVD?
    I really want to buy to watch again with my girlfriends. We’re like this movie very much. I’m THAI na ja.

  32. char says:

    i love the movie…i cnt get over it!!!this is great!!!watch the movie everyone…:) i’m char from the phil. tnx!!! great job!!!

  33. c3ss says:

    hi Thai friends.. im filipino but im in thailand,, i really want to watch this movie and i want to meet new friends… add me up on blackberry… ih8dwrld@gmail.com

  34. JuJu says:

    I love this movie :]

  35. Alis says:

    i want to watch this movies , i like song and movie. hope see soon

  36. royalpeyn says:

    i wanna watch this movie so bad…i want it,,i want it…

  37. vsham says:

    hey.. i heard the dvd will release on may 12,2011.. i hope there’s going to be an english sub. .. i really love the trailer.. i’m sure i’m going to enjoy this movie.. can’t wait till may 12.. <3 <3 <3

  38. sia says:

    yeah.. i really love this movie so much & hope can buy the dvd…

  39. nun says:

    everyone can buy the dvd or vcd at ethaicd.com but with no english sub

  40. rhei says:

    Yes or No is the good love movies
    i very like that’s story
    make more movies like this ,, okaayy :D

  41. sweee says:

    Can’t wait

  42. jen says:

    This movie is soooooooooo awesome!

  43. bella says:

    I’ve watched the movie and This is an amazing movie! I love it totally. But is the one who play kim is a real girl?? She is so cool!! Kyaaa.. I like her as a boy!!

  44. bing says:

    i will just ask if the movie “love my life” is also a thai movie?i love yes or no..i love to watch it also..thanks..

  45. cha2riza says:

    i’m from indonesia
    i’ve googled bout Soranut Yupanun and she’s kinda hard to find on internet..
    i really interested in her acting here…
    she’s really cute and looked like the young Siwon from SuperJunior XD
    first, i couldn’t belive that HE is a GIRL! LOL..
    i just wanna know some info bout her…
    could somebody help me?? please send it to my email cumacha2ygbisa@yahoo.com or mention me on twitter @cha2riza..
    thank you!

  46. sabrina says:

    I luv da movie! i wish dey can com hir in europe ;’) i so want da dvd ofcours sub. eng. =D da music in dis movi is great! but cnt find dem in itunes?? can anyone help me out? thnx apriciate!

    hop 2c mor of dis kinda comedy/romantic film.
    its inspiring..

  47. Mythril says:

    Hi! i really really love your movie!!! i love Aom and Tinaaaaa!!! very cuteee!!! Uhm just wanna ask, uhm can u give me the list of the song played in Yes or No?please please please… ^^ thankz!

  48. jose says:

    i’ve seen the movie. but i think there are some scenes that were cutted. hmn….i would like to see the film as a whole. with all the kissing scenes and others.. hahaha yaikz :D

  49. ivau says:

    I loved this movie until I do not feel the tears dripping …. hahahah ….
    I was amazed at his players ….

  50. barbie says:

    kapan neh ditayangkan di indonesia???
    i very like this movie…

  51. Just saw this movie today with my girlfriend. I loooove this movie! I have a crush on tina and I begged my girlfriend that we should watch the movie together and so we did and now she has a crush on Aom! Weeeeee ♥

  52. urie says:

    i luv this movie…..perfect!!!! :)

  53. chuichui says:

    hey what’s the title of the song on the beginning of the movie??

  54. chuichui says:

    thank you very much =)

  55. klarenz says:

    i found my one true love..Pai..c:

  56. Lexie says:

    Kim really looks like a dude- ultra flat chested. I have doubts that the actor playing her role is actually a dude. (oops)

  57. riddigeuleuh says:

    I agree with Lexie, I wonder whether Kim/Tina is a real girl. BTW I’ve red all the comments and everybody seems looking for the DVD, in Indonesia there are so many ‘pirated’ DVD and I watched the movie from that kind of DVD.

  58. dheasy riezky handaniey says:

    .i Like it ,,pthis is film perfect ..>*_*<

  59. ivyrose says:

    just wanna ask something since i cant understand thai language.. uhmm.. what did tina jittaleela said after she hug aom in the Yes or NO OST???

  60. hvid noire says:

    I have finished watching this last night. And it was already subbed! Before, I’m not really into Thai movies. But since TLOS, I’ve been searching diff Thai movies!

    Hmmm… I didn’t know Thais are very open! They even kissed!

  61. dya says:

    its fun and na-rak (cute) its kep me watchin again n again

  62. Summer says:

    What is Pie and Kim’s real name. Do they have other movies or movie series involved with?
    They just had a great team. I love the movie.

  63. bobo says:

    i luv tis movie but i don lik the ending

  64. otaku_dunk says:

    luv dis song so much…i mean “Sob Ta”…Aom Sucharat Manaying so cute n sexy…luv u so much…

  65. Noel says:

    If there’s a DVD with english sub for this movie, i would seriously pay even if itz double or triple the value! If anyone who can provide me with this, please contact me!!

    If thai movies can be subbed with more international language such as english or chinese, they will definitely profit more through worldwide distribution! Huhu!

  66. chii says:

    SO NiCE :”>

  67. Kim says:

    I <3 Kim so much cos she so cute and her name like me also kekekeke X3

  68. lucy sam says:

    i love Tina and Aom…………..you both so interesting i like your action …………
    i wish to see yes or no again soon

  69. Kim says:

    I <3 This movie so much cos It so great for LOVE in the world not just direct to Love of Boy and Girl….It should be have all of LOVER…..However LB (Lesbian) or Gay…..They can show their LOVE also….like a Pie and Kim na…..
    Love Kim very much cos she narak and her name like me also kekeke XD
    Rak Tur Mak Yayee :)

  70. ljay says:

    i love this movie . we should have more of this its so cute and touching.

  71. pie lover says:

    hehe..this movie is awesome .. ! look their scene together make some touching ,, love them.. lol
    but can you recommend another movie like this?

  72. HIKMAH says:


    anyway is a love story between women n women being trend today???
    i hv seen many kind of this love story in Piliphine or Thai……
    my god……………^^’

  73. PRISKY says:

    i love your film

  74. april jane says:

    oh my god!!!…what a very nice movie!!
    even me who honestly don’t go with the toms love the movie…
    it change my impressions with the toms….
    kim is so cute…how i wish god will make her into a real man!!!
    ahahaha…what a dream….

  75. april jane says:

    i hope one of our tv stations here in the philippines would let be shown in philippine tv

  76. choy says:

    im choy from philippines,., the story was very touching it has a strong feeling of being inlove that it doesn’t matter what other people say just be yourself and love whoever and whatever it takes,., :) i love YES OR NO :))

  77. choy says:

    i just wanna be part of YES OR NO fans club but it sounds like impossible :(

  78. leonee says:

    love this movie so much. Kim is so cute :)

  79. Honey sweetie says:

    I love this movie so much ……..!!
    girl love girl it not wrong!

  80. zom oh says:

    I just watched this movie on the way to BKK (in a bus).
    So much impressed.

    Official Fan Page
    search “Yes or No อยากรักก็รักเลย (Official Fan Page)” in facebook or


    ps. I am for Thailand
    I heard that this movie is made from the new production team, so They are trying to find the way to sell this movie aboard ;)

  81. julieth ginobiagon says:

    i lili lili love the movie,, best kilig movie i ever seen,, love u KIM!

  82. Sonita says:

    This movie is so good! I seen it already! So sweet

  83. Dhika says:


  84. jm says:

    nice movie! i’ve just watch it with my sister today. hehehe..

    i like the script from her aunt IN advice to KIM “its not about the characteristics nor how the person looks like, but its on how you feel inside” :D

  85. jm says:

    oh btw, im from philippines… hehehe…
    but i just love the movie…
    its nice to know that thailand can do such one great movie like this…

    is the “crazy little thing called LOVE” also from thai? thats nice too…

    hope to see more great movies….

    kudos! :D

  86. Leana Gomez says:

    Omg! I love this movie :DD

  87. sunshine says:

    very nice movie. we’ve watch it last night. and it feels so great….
    I wanna have a vacation in thailand.

  88. vic says:

    i really love dis movie,when the part 2 of dis movie will be release??im from malaysia

  89. turkie says:

    OMG i wanted to watch the 3 hours full movie(with deleted scenes),
    but i can only find 3 deleted scenes!!!
    awww this is so SWEEET~~~ <3
    having a crush on tina and aom!

  90. macky lee says:

    i like dis movie sana po mag karon po kau ng movie sa GMA pls
    i like her so much !

  91. nichole says:

    im from brunei darussalam,I LOVE THIS MOVIE SO MUCH! :) i wish i can buy this movie in (DVD) :(

  92. Big says:

    Ohh…very very nice movie Tina & Aom very lovely we waiting watch part 2 of this movie

  93. QQ says:

    Can I have the title and author of the books for this movie ?? are there any translated books in english if it’s in thai language?

  94. Suzan says:

    Ii´m brazilian and aIi need to know how and where to buy dvd of this wonderful movie.

  95. can tu be says:

    i love this movie , i like this action , make my feel sweet ,lone , and…..

  96. ct says:

    I’m Malaysian. straight but honestly, i fall in love with this movie. I love Aom & Tina. Perfect Couple. Yes or No 2 coming soooooooon! So yeah. waiting for it while preparing for SPM. I LOVE YES OR NO!!! I LOVE KIM & PIE. Beautiful love storyyyy.

  97. ricky says:

    awesome movie.

  98. Chii says:

    my lesbian girlfriend (but she wants to be called “boyfriend” xD) and i sooo LOVE this movie :’) we even watched it TOGETHER twice or thrice i think :3 we both love Pie and Kim .. in fact, we somehow see ourselves in them :) WEiRD BUT MY BOYFRiEND/GiRLFRiEND HAS SOME CHARACTERiSTiCS THAT KiM POSSESSES iN THE MOViE :’DD AND SO DO i WHiCH PiE HAS ON THE OTHER HAND :))


  99. Junejar says:

    Hi I.m thai people.but I never kmow tina(kim) and aom(pie) will b popular like this.
    I real girl love tomboy. I thinking same as pie.firstime I dont like tomboy (really hate)
    Now I REALLY LOVE TOMBOY. I WATCH AGAINand AGAIN.i buy book and t-shirt for me
    And my tomboyfriend.

  100. xyrille says:

    what is the real gender of Soranut Yupanun ? I really want to know..

  101. Miyla says:


    hhmmmSSsh :)

  102. Mavie says:

    I got my dvd! I watched it everytime i have free time. the entire story are good. tina acts cute. hehe it’s kinda heart breaking when PAI decided to quit. 1000 thumbs up.. looking forward for YES OR NO 2~~ ^^

  103. bhadz says:

    this movie is very great,,really inspiring ,im also a kind of tom,,

  104. Pisa says:

    My name is Pisa. I’m from Cambodia, i really like this movie so much…..:-)
    i have watching yet, it so cool, i like kim and pie . and now i want to see yes or no part 2 soon. bye bye. I love you YES OR NO

  105. Rain says:

    I loveeeee this movie! does anyone know if there is an official OST CD out? I’d really like to buy it but i’ve been searching everywhere and can’t find it! :(

  106. Memey says:

    I love this movie,, so much!!!!!!
    I like Tina……. handsome & cool ;)
    hope oneday I get her big hug :p

  107. babii.yuki says:

    i m yuki . I m from Cambodia . I like n love dis story so much. Pie n kim are very good performing . Very cute pie .

  108. babii.yuki says:

    who can tell me does it has part 2 ? If have when it avaliable to see ? I want to see so much . Please tell me if anybody know about it . Please please tell me

  109. jess says:

    ..i really love dis movie…i can relate a little bit…and i have a copy but it has been cut after kim told pai’s mom that she love her..T.T…btw, im a filipino

  110. yamnat says:

    part2 will have on july.2012 in cinema thai ..

  111. Rak kun says:

    chan chorp this movie^^

  112. Christina says:

    why every les girl hides her identity . Is she ashamed of what she is or is she ashamed of facing the world ????????????

  113. anna says:

    when will the part two be coming out?

  114. Ninas says:

    I have been watching yes or no in season 1. But .. I can’t find it anywhere in dvd shops in Brunei Darussalam so i wonder when this movie can be release in Brunei Darussalam ?

  115. sauri says:

    a very nice movie…. i really really really love it….. love is not only for man and woman… everyone has the right to fall inlove whatever they are……… love them… pie and kim…heheheh

  116. julia says:

    wow!! i like this thai movie.. they’re so sweet!!! :) kim… and pai

  117. siska says:

    I live in East Java, one of the provinces in Indonesia, I relly admire this film, so cool… I really like the character played by Kim…so wanted to have a guy like him… :-) <3<3<3

  118. Yanna says:

    I just watched this movie yesterday and it was AWESOME.
    I really loved it when Pie and Kim kissed (oops. Sorry for the spoiler xD)

    I watched it in a DVD my mum got from somewhere :)

  119. viniza says:

    I like Kim and Pei (Tina and Aom) so so much. I wish both your love success in your life. I really wait in watch Yes or No part 2.

  120. Heartarrow says:

    If anyone is interested in the eng sub tell me

  121. Ken says:

    As i heard Yes or No part 2 will be screened on the 18th Aug in Bangkok, m ready for it now. I wish to see our amazing n good looking actress. From Cam….

  122. Jerry says:

    This is an AWSOME movie I have ever seen. Can’t wait for YON 2 :D

  123. rainfallforever says:

    i like this movie…nice one! =))

  124. rohith says:

    this movies is super and i like in kim poi i love it

  125. rye mendez says:

    hi! I’m from the Philippines. I watched that movie for so many times and it was great! I’m close to Kim’s character and I admire Pie most. You should watch this, don’t miss it.

  126. hishbi says:

    he she kim would make a sexy man

  127. lawawm says:

    like.like.like 10000000 time

  128. naafi says:

    verry nice
    I from indonesia

  129. naafi says:

    nice :D

    I from in indonesia

  130. naafi says:

    I love my girl friend to :(

  131. Mario Betancourt Lopez says:

    Ps Immean I love Pie and Im and Jane and P Boy..sorry for the mistake in spelling… Writing in a rush in a dark room …really sorry..:(…

  132. Mario Betancourt Lopez says:

    Again ..i love Pie and Kim..and Aunty In And Jane and P Boy , Kim Father and his cooworkers but also Pie Mom and P Van!:)….

  133. ng says:

    i want buy yes or no2 and 1. both dvd movie with english sub if possible

  134. paps says:

    …hello yes or no..atlast the part 2 is coming..where can i get the copy?i love very much the movie..i cant wait anymore..
    and were looking forward that the team up of this couple will last.. because we loved them very much..All fans do you agree with me? Aom And Tina have a strong personality in Tv everytime they are team uP..so PPPPPLLLLLEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAASSSSSEEEEEE!!!!!!don’t let this love team separate..coz we loved them very much!!!please dont let YES Or NO Love team break…your Fans will get angry!!!!!!

  135. hannah dote says:

    i really love this movie..so much..because of this ,me and my ex girlfriend got back together..i can really relate to pie’s character..i love this movie..i love you tina and aom..im a super fan of you guys..god bless.

  136. Lax says:

    nice movie :)
    im from Philippines

    unkindloveriza@yahoo.com fb….
    keep it up PIE’ ;)

  137. Lax says:

    hoping for part 3 of yes or no ^_^ .

    nice story ,i like pie’s character . . . she is so beautiful
    wish your mine hahahaha :D

  138. isai2x says:

    love it!@

  139. Nao says:

    Yes or no is a very good movie. Tina u r so cute . I want to friendship with u but i don’t know how . Pliz tell me m from India.

  140. Nao says:

    Tina u r so cute . I love your acting style. I want to see yes or no 3.

  141. Nao says:

    I don’t know Thai language but yes or no song forever is very nice song. Tina i like to see another yes or no 3.

  142. Karen says:

    I love this movie so much! Is there any movies similiar to Yes or No? I mean Tom type movie?

  143. sankarea.j says:

    i already watched this movie, so nice

    you better watch!!

  144. sankarea.j says:

    i’d like to watch yes or no 3 too,,

  145. gelo villanueva says:

    i love pie!!! yes or no 3 please!!!!! super cute pie!

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