A teen comedy about a group of high-school students who form a band even though they’re not remotely gifted with music. Their intention is to impress girls. But when a pretty young student turns up and wants to join the band as a guitarist, things start to get interesting.

Title: SuckSeed ห่วยขั้นเทพ
Director: Chayanop Boonprakob
Jirayu La-ongmanee, Natcha Nuanjam, Pashorn Jiratiwat, Thawat Pornrattanaprasert
Rating: 15+ Musical comedy
Release Date in Thailand: 17th March 2011
Movie Trailer:

77 Responses to “Suck Seed”

  1. seegee says:

    watched this movie. it was sooo hilarious. i like it, although the story is a bit predictable, but it’s still fun to watch.

  2. Pavee says:

    Cannot wait until it is available on DVD, so I can watch it.

  3. yamoo chan says:

    oooh yeah????
    when it will be played in indonesia?
    i really want to watch it

  4. Wes says:

    I loved it. Was in Thailand for a couple of weeks and took a chance on this movie (had English subs) and I laughed out loud for two hours along with everyone else. . .The train scene was hilarious. I thought the story was conventional but had enough turns to keep it from being too predictable (at least, for me). . .Definitely worth seeing.

  5. pa says:

    what a funny movie

  6. ya says:

    Suck Seed starts today in Indonesia at bltzmegaplex

  7. dian says:

    i just wacthed this movie and its so hilarious, i never laugh as much as i did at entire film..such a great movie from thailand!

  8. Cungik says:

    Wahh i have never seen this movie, gonna find it and watch it!
    have any recomendation thai movie?
    lately i`m just fall in love with thai movie, ” crazy little things called love” also very sweet movie.

  9. chii says:

    i just watch the movie, that was great, soon will get the copy to watch with my friends ^^…

  10. nadhira says:

    aaa~~ I really loves this movie. this is soo funny ! hahaha. and well, the story quite simply but so lovely. and the best character for me is koong lol. he’s so stupid and that’s makes us laughing too much. but well, ex absolutely more stupid wkwkwk. ah, you guys, let’s come to Indonesia. i want to see u all ^^

  11. 'dan Cb says:

    wEw ^_^ Nice mOvie!! i will be fun to watch it..

  12. afina says:

    how much the star do you think for this film?
    tell me please because thursday i will watch this film :))

  13. Angellika says:

    much funny moment , hahha .
    Good Luck Suck Seed :)

  14. maya says:

    really want to watch it…
    the trailer is enough to make me damn excited!~~~~~~~~

  15. nomad says:

    i wonder if they play thai movies in london… i think they should… coz they are awesome..

  16. tititava says:

    I’m thai . Thank you for your interesting in thai movie and thai star. i’m so surprised coz’ I have’t seen this movie. HA HA HA

  17. poe poe says:

    i like thai movie because it’s funny for me. HE HE HE

  18. aixxx says:

    cant wait to watch this..and the other good thai movies out there..think they have lots of good movies this year (2011)..keep it up! hoping to be in thailand someday.. :)

  19. Ivan says:

    What a great movie… When the dvd version is release?
    Can’t wait to make it my collection.

  20. ciie ntha' says:

    I really interested with it’s movie…and I really love it’s Ost..
    but I can sing it myself..
    could you tell me about it’s title and it’s lyrics..??

  21. Kia says:

    i love Kao so much! i love suck seed! can’t wait to watch this movie. :)
    I WANT KAO, PEACH, EARTH & NAT here in the Philippines!! :))

  22. zr0 says:

    yeah..i also wanna watch dis thai movie since i’ve watch a little thing call luv..dat movie is so0 sweet..kaka

  23. karl says:

    hi!! I’m a Filipino and were not playing any thai movies here…unless the movies become popular….but still hoping to watch the movie…

  24. Thalia Sagun says:

    Hey people! im Filipino too i kinda like the movie suck seed and i cant wait too see the movie with english translator in here in chicago. i just knew this movie because of my friend he told me about the movie and his filipino, and i hope i would see the movie soon… :) P.s.: I WANT KAO… KAO TO GO CHICAGO RIGHT NOW just kidding..

  25. rhette says:

    i really wanted to watched this thai movie!

  26. ridkeeper says:

    the was great!!! hope suck seed will be played in the philippines! :) i hope so!

  27. vit90 says:

    หนังมันชิวิตกรูสมัยมัธยมชัดๆ ฮ่าๆๆๆๆ

  28. chindyaprilia says:

    sooo funny watched this movie :)
    I’m from Indonesia, I watched this movie by DVD. I got it when I went to Market. hahha, just story :D

  29. ndoet baba says:

    wanna meet nattasha

    can u help me ;p

  30. Andrea says:

    Love this movie rate it 10/10 suitable for any age.

    Funny, cool, its romantic

    Loved it so much. >-<^_^ <3

  31. ROnnel says:

    thai comedy films are hilarious!..

  32. wanbob says:

    what a nice movie i love it…..suckseed come next year with new movie

  33. rahmat. says:

    i’m very like this movie.. like my story

  34. rahmat. says:

    i love this movie………….:)

  35. Astigray says:

    I love it I hope it will be seen here in Phillipines..

  36. cheera says:

    The first Thai movie I watch.. and I pretty like it… ^_^

  37. liska says:

    who eped’s real name? please you know to me….

  38. i love the way earn smiles….i love it…are you planning to have part two??

  39. Andrea says:

    BEST MOVIE EVER!!!!!!!

    Romantic and hilarious all in one

  40. dede says:

    i like ………………….


  41. nadzkie says:

    I hope this movie will be popular here in the Philippines (i hope the rights of the movie will buy by either ABS-CBN or TV5).. i like the story.. (sana ipalabas ito ng tagalog) oh yeah..Mabuhay mga rockerzzz!

  42. chris says:

    i just already watched it!
    i like it :D
    rockin romantic story
    Indonesia gonna love it :)

  43. matias says:

    super like…..amazing movie….great job with the cast…thai movie are best…hope to see more movie with this cast…fantastic!:)

  44. rio says:

    the most beautiful smile is belong to you !!(Nattasha Nauljam)

  45. joonphuroo says:

    suck seed .. that was a nice movie .. even though i don’t understand the language haha .. punky rock dude.. successful movie and you succeed hehe ..

  46. chin says:


  47. Ar'ez.. says:

    realy” crazy…!!!! I have never watch a music genre Movie like this…!!! I hope they keep make another movie like this….. Keep U’re spirit Suck seed……!!!

  48. Jon says:

    I have watched it more than 10 times since DVD released. This movie rocks..I love it..And Natt’s smile is really beautiful. Love her smile too.. :)

  49. kareeza says:

    wooooo soo… cute jirayu and natts so beautiful loveteam :)

  50. sarah says:

    i’m sarah from Malaysia. I watched this movie at Astro Box Office. I watched many times. It’s funny. Jirayu and nat you two soo cute.

  51. Aliff says:

    Hi, i’m aliff from Malaysia..This story is quite interesting and funny..:)

  52. uel says:

    funny movie. loved watching it :)

  53. Ted says:

    yup Suckseed are currently aired in Malaysia via Astro box office. im enjoy the movie. good movie. hehehehe

  54. syahud says:

    i`m from Malaysia.This movie is the first movie i watch and i very like it….:D

  55. this movie is realy amazing ! super jaw droping !

  56. adel says:

    this movie is so funny i love it……

  57. fahmie says:

    i really enjoy this movie…..likeeeee

  58. blackdemon says:

    like this music i don’t understand language thai but i like music.see u

  59. chazel says:

    i really enjoyed watching this movie!! and i love Ped c:

  60. ari yansah says:

    hello I am from Indonesia, I really like this movie.
    I want this movie is playing again: D

  61. penggemar_ern says:

    earn,eped so perfect. and great song, AWESOME!!

  62. sharmaine says:

    I really Like It! I’m so happy to see Jirayu kao Laongmanee as a happy person! :D

  63. xintania says:

    Jirayu , i love you !

  64. m.i says:

    ern.. oh damn, im running out of words to tell how lovely she is good voice, playing guitar very well, natural beauty, and the beauty smile

    this film and ern remind me to my old days when i was a highschool this story is touching me because it almost the same with what i’ve been through and its inspiring me because my story isn’t over yet

    ern i hope i can be part of your live even it was only in a dream

  65. FrIx says:

    nice movie>>>
    ‘just watch it…
    so damn good

  66. pih raynard cyril says:

    this is good film

  67. Icho Tolot says:

    Seen the Movie on Board-Entertainment from ThaiAir – like it very much – Hope to find it on DVD Code 2

  68. Exzy,Ern,Ped says:

    I love u

  69. Loki says:

    i have just watch the movie…it was as cool as the crazy little thing called love…

  70. ชอบมากๆ ชอบยิ่งกว่าอะไรซะอีก

  71. pransiska lusiana says:

    it`s a good film. I love it…
    I hope I can meet with the actor and the actress…

  72. barbecue80 says:

    @Fahmie the song at 51:35 mins is called เพียงรัก ( Piang rak , mean Only love ) by Silly Fool

  73. biyong says:

    love you
    i miss you

    lovers in indonesia

  74. jb says:

    hey, can you give me the title of the song that is played when Ern is signing an autograph to a cd given by Ped in the reunion party. thanks

  75. wiyanto says:


  76. hey,it so great the suckseed and i love Ern and Ped it so cute
    i hope you have movie again two with us.
    And i hope i meet the actor and the actress.
    i love u im always watching the sucksed becouse it so great your voice enr.;]

  77. Jex says:


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