Meung Gu

Two friends become mixed up with some gangster.

Title: Meung Gu
Atsajun Sattakovit
Cast: Kamolnet Reungsri , Mario Maurer , Monchanok Sangchaipiengpen , Natcha Chantapan , Nawapaiboon Wuttinanon , Patomtad Sudprasert
Rating:  Action, Drama  PG13
Release Date in Thailand:  12th January 2012
Movie Trailer:

7 thoughts on “Meung Gu”

  1. i luve the movie this is my first time i saw such a good thai movie but ending i sad though… i dont want gun to be die …. i wish he had a gud life wid name …. i just wanto ask yu sumthing is gun had some feelings for name in the movie????

  2. Today only i watched this thai movie…omg its really nice but in the end GUN die so i lil hate it….i cried:'(
    I really like Gun,Song n Tod..especially GUN:)

  3. this movie is the best thai movie i have watched! i love them all.. they love each other.protect each other…this movie is very true to life. this movie made me love my friends more..

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