Mae Nak 3D

This is the 22nd version of this famous ghost story but this time in 3D. Mae Nak dies during child birth but comes back to live with her husband as a ghost. The twist is that he doesn’t know that she died as he was away fighting a war at the time.

Title: Mae Nak 3D
Pichai Noirod
Cast: Bongkot Kongmalai,Chumporn Theppitak,Rangsiroj Panpeng
Rating: Drama, Horror  PG13
Release Date in Thailand: 23 rd February 2012
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Ghost Day

Two exorcists capture their work on video and upload it to youtube. They come to the attention of a TV show that wants to boost its ratings. However, the studio crew remain sceptical.

Title: Ghost Day (แก๊งค์ตบผี)

Director:Thanit Jintanukul

Cast:  Boriboon Chanruang,Jazz Chuancheun,Joey Boy,Pimnara Wright,Surasak Wongthai

Rating: Comedy, Horror   PG13

Release Date in Thailand: 23 rd February 2012

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It Gets Better

In a world where some believe what they are told to believe, others search for their own truth. When the search leads to love, can circumstances demand that this truth be denied? Come experience the journeys of these three loving souls in this courageous and heartfelt film, “It Gets Better”.

Title: It Gets Better (ไม่ได้ขอให้มารัก)
Tanwarin Sukkhapisit
Cast: Bell Nuntita,Kisthachapon Thananara,Panupong Waraakesiri,Parama Imanothai,Pavich Suprungroj,Penpak Sirikul
Rating: Drama, Romance PG13
Release Date in Thailand: 14th  February 2012
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The Melody

Win, a famous singer and songwriter has come to the worst moment in his life when he realizes that his fame is going to fade. Win cannot the truth and escapes from the city to quietly stay in Mae Hong Sorn province where he meets Mok, a competent pianist girl who becomes his inspiration to redeem his fame.

Title: The Melody (Rak Tam Nong nee)
Tossapol Srisukontarat
Cast: Pariyachat Limthammahesorn,Worawej Danuwong
Rating: Drama, Romance  PG13
Release Date in Thailand: 14th February 2012
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