It Gets Better

In a world where some believe what they are told to believe, others search for their own truth. When the search leads to love, can circumstances demand that this truth be denied? Come experience the journeys of these three loving souls in this courageous and heartfelt film, “It Gets Better”.

Title: It Gets Better (ไม่ได้ขอให้มารัก)
Tanwarin Sukkhapisit
Cast: Bell Nuntita,Kisthachapon Thananara,Panupong Waraakesiri,Parama Imanothai,Pavich Suprungroj,Penpak Sirikul
Rating: Drama, Romance PG13
Release Date in Thailand: 14th  February 2012
Movie Trailer:

7 thoughts on “It Gets Better”

  1. Just saw this movie at HIFF (Hawaii Internatinal Film Festival) I was so asked at the scope of cinematography. Beautiful back drops beautiful story. It hit so close to home that I kept crying my butt off. Comical whimsical and dramatic, this story hit all elements one would like to expect to see. The characters were great and the I yet twining story brilliant.
    A definite must see

    1. Wow You lucky…I only saw the trailer and would love to watch this movie…the trailer is so fascinating and so seems the stortline.

  2. interesting story. at first, i cannot understand why 3 stories are so random and unconnected. after near the end of the film, i seem quite understand the plot of the movie when the stories become connected as one story

  3. Would love to buy the movie ( if possible with eng subs ) but i cant find it anywhere on this planet . Can somebody help . Greetings from the USA .

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