Rak Ha Ha Ha

A girl participates in a swimming contest in order to raise money to help an ailing friend. To help her win, she is coached by a former ninja.

Title: Rak Ha Ha Ha (รัก 555 อย่าท้าก๋อย)
Director: Jaturong Mokjok
Cast: Jaturong Mokjok,Jim Chuancheun,Pokchat Tiamchai,Pongpitch Preechaborisuthikul
Rating: Comedy, Drama  PG13
Release Date in Thailand: 29th March 2012
Movie Trailer:

407 Dark Flight

A flight attendant has to deal with a supernatural event when passengers on her plane start to die one at a time. This is Thailand’s first horror movie.

Title: 407 Dark Flight
Director:  Isara Nadee
Cast: Klaokaew Sintepdol,Masha Wattanapanich,Namo Tongkumnerd,Peter Knight,Poramet Noi-um
Rating: Horror, Thriller  PG13
Release Date in Thailand: 22nd March 2012
Movie Trailer: