Yes or No 2

A sequel of a popular Thai film with a lesbian theme, Yes or No 2 picks up from where the original left off. Two girls, Kim and Pie are in love, but after graduation they have to travel into two different directions for their internship; Kim is going to work in a farm in the northern province of Nan, while Pie is going South to work in a fishery center. Their love is being tested by the distance.

Title: Yes or No 2 (รักไม่รัก อย่ากั๊กเลย)
Director: Sarasawadee Wongsompetch
Cast: Sucharat Manaying,Supanart Jittaleela
Rating: Drama, Romance PG13
Release Date in Thailand: 16th August 2012
Movie Trailer:

42 thoughts on “Yes or No 2”

  1. เรื่องนี้ชอบแยมมาก น่ารักดี (นิสัยในหนังนะ) ส่วนออมก็น่ารักเหมือนเดิมคับ อยากให้มีหนังแบบนี้อีก เมื่อวานไปดูกะแฟนแต่มีผู้ชายไปดูเยอะมาก อาจจะเพราะสงสัยในอารมณ์รักแบบทอมดี้มั้ง

  2. I already watch yes or no 4times and it’s really good and very romantic… TINA and AOM are the best couple…my problem is how can i watch the part 2 full movie in the philippines..

  3. really want to watch yes or no 2 full movie with eng sub..hope that we can watch it soon..can’t wait to see kim and pie together..<3<3<3
    –Filipina girl(Philippines)–

  4. wow! so touching 😀 i really love YES OR NO 🙂 ♥ please have a YES OR NO 3 please?? 🙁 I want to see them happy together 😀 love you KIMPAI 😀 ♥♥

    thumbs up if you want too guyz 🙂

  5. I’m from the Philippines too. I wish to see both Aom and Tina personally. It’s just too bad phil doesn’t allow that kind of film to be shown that’s why they haven’t gone here to promote eventhough they have plenty of filipino fans. 🙁 do any of you know where I could buy the DVD and all the other stuffs they sell like the shirts? I think it’s cute and I wanna have one. 🙂

  6. ..hello yes or no.. just wana say this movie is so cool..and i want to watch part 2..where can i find it?please give the the site.. i’mso exited to watch this..Please!!!!love you Aom and Tina..

    and eventhough i did not yet watch the part2..i’m looking forward to watch for the next 3,4,5,6…episode..

  7. i am from Indonesia…oohh really great movie. i like u guys. i want to see u someday. make more movie and i will collect it ^^. love both u so much

  8. MY GOD! THIS MOVIE IS MAKING ME CRAZY1 wanna know why?
    coz i love SUPPANAT TINA and PIE ofcourse . I want to see them in personal . here in the PHILIPPINES . hope they will come ! PLEASE !!!!!

  9. I’m Anne from Indonesia..
    I want to watch this movie.. 🙁
    when this movie play in Indonesia??
    I will waiting this movie come 🙂

  10. Can someone tell me where i can buy a dvd of this movie??? Its so addictive… i love the chemistry of Pie and Kim… they’re lovely and cute especially PIE!! i love you… 🙂

  11. I love both the first one and the second one… wish my country would be like Thailand, they are not afraid to explore subjects that are still taboo in our society… I like Aunt In, I like Jam. Gays are accepted by toms or lesbian …. hay

  12. yes or no 2!! hoping for yes or no 3 dear God please let there be part 3 please!!! i love aom and tina… 😀 SUPER CUTE AOM!!

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