Ama (อาม่า)

When Chi­nese grand­mother Ama (Ratk­lao Amara­dit) passes away, her fam­ily is quick to as­sem­ble in the hope they will have been re­mem­bered in her will. The fam­ily but­ler (Phet­thai “Mum Jokmok” Wongkam­lao)’s rev­e­la­tion that the will can­not be opened un­til the mis­sion that Ama en­trusted to her rel­a­tives is ac­com­plished is met with de­ri­sion un­til Ama’s dead body ap­pears in her wheel­chair and a ghost (Apa Paw­ilai) con­fronts the rel­a­tives in the Chi­nese ceme­tery. And so the fam­ily, in­clud­ing Ama’s beloved grand­son Tee Noi (Ji­rawit Phog­phai­jit) and the but­ler’s niece Yok (Jan­jera Jun­pitakchai), team up to ac­com­plish the mis­sion and find out what’s in the will. (The Nation)

Released in Thailand on 25 August 2016