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Italian Film Festival 2016 at EmQuartier #Bangkok from 13-18 September 

The EmQuartier, and Quartier CineArt, will hold an “Italian Film Festival Bangkok 2016” in collaboration with the Italian Embassy in Thailand and The Dante Alighieri Cultural Association within the framework of the Italian Festival in Thailand 2016. The festival will screen seven critically-acclaimed Italian films under the Artistic Director of Marco Gatti from Dante Alighieri. They are: Antonia, Youth, Me Myself and Her, The Repairman, My Mother, The Bear tales and An Italian Name to showcase a contemporary image of Italian culture through the quality of its best cinematographic productions.

The festival’s launch will be on Tuesday 13th September 2016 at 18.30 hours with His Excellency, Ambassador Francesco Saverio Nisio from the Italian Embassy in Thailand presiding over the opening ceremony followed by a screening of Antonia. Set in the 1930s, Antonia is an award-winning film about the last 10 years of Italian poet Antonia Pozzi’s brief life and her work. Linda Caridi, the actress who plays the titular role, will fly in from Italy especially for this festival to meet her fans.

Italian Film Festival Bangkok 2016 is held from 13th to 18th September at Quartier CineArt, 4th floor, The EmQuartier. Tickets are 180, 200 or 1,000 baht for a special couple seats. Every film will be shown with English subtitles. For more information or reservations, please contact 02-515-5555 or visit

Classic Movie Festival at Scala Theatre during 2016


Between July and December, Scala Theatre in Bangkok will be running a classic movie festival once a month. Tickets are only 100 Baht each. They can be bought at the box office in advance.

Friday 15 July: Santi Vina
Sunday 7 August: The Sound of Music
Sunday 4 September: Doctor Zhivago
Sunday 9 October: Psycho
Saturday 5 November: The War of the World
Sunday 4 December: Spartacus
Monday 5 December: Lawrence of Arabia


Swedish Film Festival 2016 in Bangkok from 7-11 September

The Embassy of Sweden, in cooperation with SF World Cinema, will organize the “Swedish Film Festival 2016” from 8-11 September 2016 at SF World Cinema, Central World. Seven films from Sweden are brought to film lovers in Thailand, all with English subtitles.

This is the 5th consecutive year that the Embassy of Sweden in Bangkok collaborates with SF World Cinema for the festival. Every year the festival has received tremendous attention from movie fans and critics. This year 7 quality films have been selected from the land of the midnight sun. The festival strengthens the already strong relationship between the people of Sweden and the people of Thailand. It also offers a new choice for Thai movie goers and drives the world film industry forward.

The seven Swedish films to be shown at this year’s festival are:

We are the Best a drama and musical film which has been nominated and awarded with 13 prizes from international film festivals such as Tokyo International Film Festivals, Venice International Film Festivals and many more. It is a film about Bobo, Klara and Hedvig, three 13-year old girls who roam the streets who are brave and tough and strong and weak and confused and weird. They have to take care of themselves way too early. They start a punk band without any instruments, even though everybody says that punk is dead.

Astrid a documentary film about the life of Astrid Lindgren, a Swedish author, whose books have been sold in 150 million copies and she is one of the world’s ten most read authors. But who was she, and where did her stories come from? Through unique archive materials this film brings her to life for a new generation. She became Astrid to a whole nation. She became an icon to a whole world. She influenced politics and the public debate. Astrid also taught us respect for the children and was an activist against war, racism and nuclear power.

Underdog is a drama film by Director Ronnie Sandahl. The film won awards from the Chicago and Zurich International Film Festivals. The film is about Dino, a young Swedish girl, who has fled the Swedish mass unemployment for a new life in Oslo. But like many other young immigrant Swedes she finds herself out casted and surviving on little money, irregular work and hard partying. When she lands work as a housekeeper in an upper middle-class Norwegian house she is thrown into a life very far from her own.

The Circle is a fantasy horror film. One night when the moon appears red in the sky, six teenage girls find themselves in an abandoned park, drawn there by a mysterious power. They are ‘the chosen ones’, a group of witches with magical powers who must learn to work together, despite their differences, to save the world.

Nice People is a film about a group of young men which fled the war in Somalia and ended up in a rural town in Sweden where integration is tough. Something needs to be done. Local entrepreneur Patrik Andersson gets an idea, why not use sport as a bridge to get people closer to each other? The goal: to create the first ever Somali national team in bandy and make it to the World Championship in Siberia. This is a story about racism and fear, but it’s also about bravery and doing something that hasn’t been done before.

Viskan Miracles a drama film about 20-year-long conflict of two families living on a different side of the river based on class antagonisms, past words and inheritance.

Young Sophie Bell This is a film about two high school best friends, Sophie and Alice, which plan on moving to Berlin after graduation. Life is finally going to begin for real. But their plans are crushed when Alice disappears in Berlin under unclear circumstances. Sophie ends up on a life-changing journey that will bring her a taste of the exuberant parts of life.

The Swedish Film Festival 2016 will be organized during 8-11 September 2016 at SF World Cinema, Central World. Ticket can be purchased in advance from 29 August 2016 at SF’s website : at the price of THB 120/seat. All films have English subtitle. Thai subtitle is available for selected films. For more information, please contact SF Call Center 02-268 8888 and and or Information Counter at SF World Cinema, Central World