Enjoy Thai Movies on November 22nd, 2013

A musical comedy about a prominent provincial temple fair, where the brightest stars of Thai country music are scheduled to gather. But several incidents, romantic and humorous, happen to the singers as each of them make their way to the rendezvous. Title: Ruam-Phon-Khon-Look-Tung-Nguen-Laan (รวมพลคนลูกทุ่งเงินล้าน) Director: Pink – Galp Hongrattanaporn Cast: Poawalee, Pai Pongsatorn, Ying Lee, Apaporn Rating: Adventure Comedy [...]

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Enjoy Thai Movies on November 18th, 2013

This pmedy is about two best friends,one very pretty the other not so much. When one friend passes away, she returns as a ghost to be with her old pal, and things get complicated when they have to share the same body. Title: OMG (โอ้ มายโกสต์ คุณผีช่วย) Director: Puttipong Phromasaka Cast: Tookky,Chris Howang Rating: G  Comedy, Horror Release Date [...]

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