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One Day (แฟนเดย์ แฟนกันแค่วันเดียว)

Fan­day… Fan Kun Khae Wan Diaw (One Day)

Chantawit Dhana­sevi stars as Den­chai, a man who works in the IT de­part­ment of a large com­pany. A nerdy kind of guy with un­ruly hair and glasses, he is all but in­vis­i­ble to his col­leagues and only recog­nised by the rest of the staff when they have IT prob­lems and need help. Only Nui (Nit­tha Ji­rayungyurn), the beau­ti­ful woman in mar­ket­ing, re­mem­bers his name and it isn’t long be­fore Den­chai is to­tally smit­ten. Dur­ing the com­pany trip to a ski re­sort in Hokkaido, Nui is in­volved in an ac­ci­dent and when she wakes up with no mem­ory of what hap­pened, Den­chai sees his chance. Rated G (The Nation)

Released in Thailand: 1 September 2016

Ama (อาม่า)

When Chi­nese grand­mother Ama (Ratk­lao Amara­dit) passes away, her fam­ily is quick to as­sem­ble in the hope they will have been re­mem­bered in her will. The fam­ily but­ler (Phet­thai “Mum Jokmok” Wongkam­lao)’s rev­e­la­tion that the will can­not be opened un­til the mis­sion that Ama en­trusted to her rel­a­tives is ac­com­plished is met with de­ri­sion un­til Ama’s dead body ap­pears in her wheel­chair and a ghost (Apa Paw­ilai) con­fronts the rel­a­tives in the Chi­nese ceme­tery. And so the fam­ily, in­clud­ing Ama’s beloved grand­son Tee Noi (Ji­rawit Phog­phai­jit) and the but­ler’s niece Yok (Jan­jera Jun­pitakchai), team up to ac­com­plish the mis­sion and find out what’s in the will. (The Nation)

Released in Thailand on 25 August 2016

Pantai Norasingh

Name: Pantai Norasingh

MC Cha­trichalerm Yukol adapts one of the most fa­mous sto­ries of the Ayut­thaya King­dom, about a du­ti­ful sailor (Pongsakorn “Toey” Met­tarikanon) who ac­ci­dently steers the king’s barge into a tree and breaks the bow. Ac­cord­ing to law, he must be put to death. And al­though King San­petch him­self (Lt-Colonel Wan­chana Sawas­dee) said the death penalty did not ap­ply, the oars­man Sin in­sisted that no ex­cep­tions be made. (The Nation)