Title: Chocolate
Director: Prachya Pinkaew
Starring: Yanin “Jeeja” Wismitanant, Lim Su Jeong, Hiroshi Abe
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Release Date in Thailand: 6th February 2008

Autistic girl Zen (Yanin Wismitanant) is a fighting genius. When her mother Zin (Amara Siripong) falls ill with cancer Zen innocently tries to get money from people labeled indebted in Zin’s old notebook. This leads her to confront Zin’s past as a gang member of No.8 (Pongpat Wachirabunjong), a Thai mafia boss. Meanwhile Zen’s Japanese father and No.8’s rival, Masashi (Hiroshi Abe), a Yakuza, decides to come back to protect his daughter and the woman he left behind years ago. A raging war begins and Zen must bring out her very best to get through.

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Art of the Devil 3 (Long Kong 2)

Title: Art of the Devil 3 (Long Kong 2)
Director: Pasit Buranachan
Starring: Napakpapha Nakprasit, Suppakorn Kitsuwan, Namo Tonggumnerd
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Release Date in Thailand: 3rd April 2008

Panor (Napakpapha Nakprasit), a seductive rural teacher, longs to live a normal and peaceful life like everyone in her village. But her beauty becomes her biggest curse since Panor is the object of desire for a number of young men. Both her male colleagues and students resort to variety of black arts in attemp to win her favor. To counter their endless menace, Panor is forced to kill Porn, an amoral witch doctor, and in the process comes into possession of the powerful Three-Eyed Devil. This brings to her life Sgt.Dit (Suppakorn Kitsuwan), a man obsessed with voodoo art and whose willing to process the Three-Eyed Devil is eminent.

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